Usually hidden from the public eye by fencing and meshes meant to protect us, the process of building our environment rushes toward completion. Years of work and sometimes hundreds of people involved in this process are typically concealed to the end-user who, arriving in a new building, is welcomed by the calm and comfort of today in the shape of furniture, interior lighting, and air conditioning.

But before all this, the building site is a seemingly chaotic environment that is nevertheless carefully supervised and planned. It is a  hive buzzing with the sound of concrete being poured, various profiles being hammered into place, or a construction worker giving directions to a crane operator that is gently maneuvering a massive window. A large orchestra of musique concrète with many chain-smoking conductors, working seamlessly together although often speaking different languages.

The physical layers that coat the outside and inside of the structure are slowly added, and with each element, new actors come into the scene. Piping, insulation, cables, aluminum profiles, and the occasional drawings on the gypsum board walls are all concealed by the end and so are their beautiful colors, textures, and stories.
To me, the process of documenting this is similar to experiencing a new exhibition in an art gallery or a theater performance. Always good and always surprising.

In between is a project that brings my fascination for the building process before you, in an effort to display its complexity and beauty to a wider audience.

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